Lawyers Sometimes Hold Other Lawyers To Unreasonable Expectations

Many lawyers, at some point in their lives, may be asked to judge the work of another lawyer who is handling a matter for family or friends. This usually happens because someone wants a second opinion, and they may feel that a friend who is a lawyer will give them an honest opinion of how well another lawyer is performing. Often, lawyers are harsh when judging other attorneys, either because they think that their family or friend deserves “white glove” treatment or because they do not practice in the relevant field. For a variety of reasons, lawyers should not hold other attorneys to unreasonable expectations and should limit the expectations of friends and family that seek advice.

I fully admit that, in the past, I have held lawyers to unreasonable expectations. Earlier in my career, a relative of mine needed a personal injury lawyer. Since this relative was elderly, and because I was an attorney myself, my relative asked that I coordinate with his attorney to ensure that my relative was getting the best legal representation possible. Throughout the course of the representation, I frequently called and emailed the attorney to ensure that he was on top of the work. I also judged the lawyer pretty harshly when he failed to respond to messages or failed to take certain advantages in the case.

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