September 30, 2023

Scholarships From Gates Cambridge For International Students

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which is offered by Gates Cambridge, is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and competitive forms of financial aid for the overseas study that is currently offered. Candidates from countries other than the United Kingdom who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement may be considered for financial assistance to pursue a postgraduate degree full-time at the University of Cambridge in any of the subject areas in which the university offers courses.

Institution Hosting

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Level and area of study:

A Ph.D., MSc, MLitt, or a one-year postgraduate degree in any of the university’s academic fields is required.

Courses ineligible for Gates Cambridge Scholarships include:

  • • Any Undergraduate degree, such as a BA (undergraduate) or a BA linked with a university (a second BA)
  • • Business Doctorate (BusD)
  • • Master of Business (MBA)
  • • Master of Finance (MFin)
  • • PGCE
  • • MBBChir Clinical Studies
  • • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)
  • • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
  • • Part-time degrees
  • • Non-degree courses
  • • MASt courses (from September 2022)

Amount of Awards:

Each year, about 80 scholarships are given out.

Target audience:

citizens of any nation outside of the UK.

Scholarship worth and components:

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship will cover all of the expenditures associated with attending Cambridge University, including tuition, a maintenance stipend (at the rate for 2022–23, it will be £18.384 a month), travel expenses, visa fees, and other associated costs. In addition to that, it provides supplementary assistance on an elective basis for activities like as fieldwork, family allowances, academic development money, and so on.


If you are: you are eligible to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

• a national of any nation other than the United Kingdom.

• submitting an application to enroll in one of the full-time, residential Ph.D., MSc, MLitt, or one-year postgraduate programs.

Instructions for submitting an application:

The date of September 15, 2022, will mark the beginning of the period during which applications can be submitted for entry into the academic year 2023–2024.

Applicants submit their requests to the university using the Graduate Application Portal, which is supplied by the university, in order to be considered for admission and financing (both Gates Cambridge and any other funding). In order to be considered for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you are required to fill out the sections of the financing application that pertain to applying for admission to a course and a college seat, in addition to the section of the application that pertains specifically to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. If you do not fill out these sections of the application, you will not be considered for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

There are two different deadlines that applicants must have met in order to be considered for a position at Gates Cambridge: the first is October 12th, 2022 (for US nationals living in the United States), and the second is either December 1st, 2022 or January 5th, 2023 (depending on the program) (for all other eligible applicants).

In order to acquire particular information regarding the application procedure for this scholarship, it is needed to read the section that is labeled “How to Apply,” as well as visit the official website (link provided below), both of which are required in order to obtain the information that you need.


Official Scholarship Website: