University of Birmingham – UK – DeepMind Scholarships 2022

University of Birmingham – UK – DeepMind Scholarships 2022:  The University of Birmingham’s School of Computer Science is pleased to announce three scholarships, kindly supported by DeepMind, offered to students who have received a conditional or unconditional offer for the MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Eligible students from all across the world are encouraged to apply.

With the help of DeepMind, the University of Birmingham is working to improve access to and diversity in computer science for underrepresented groups.

The University of Birmingham is a scholarship sponsor.

Fully funded scholarships are available.

The University of Birmingham is the host institution for this scholarship. View the advantages (below).

There are three scholarships available.

Master’s level of study

Eligibility Criteria | University of Birmingham ‘2022 DeepMind Scholarships

Applicants must meet one or both of the following criteria to be considered for the DeepMind scholarship:

Identify as a woman OR as a person of African, Caribbean, or other black descent.

In addition, applicants must

demonstrate that they would be unable to accept the admission offer without financial aid.

I have previously been offered a conditional/unconditional place at the University of Birmingham to study MSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; and

be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and hence be classed as a UK fee payer.

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Scholarship Advantages

The scholarship, worth £47,680 for overseas students and £29,860 for UK students, is allocated to the following expenses:

£26,640 for international students and £10,620 for UK students.

A £15,840 maintenance allowance (to be used for living expenses), paid in instalments over the term.

During the course, you will get up to £2,000 in funding to attend an international conference in the fields of AI and/or machine learning, as well as £1,500 towards the purchase of necessary equipment (suitable laptop, etc.).

£1,700 to help with relocation costs

Procedures for Applying for DeepMind Scholarships

Before applying for the scholarship, the interested applicant must first apply for a conditional or unconditional offer of admission. The online application form is now open for submission. Please only apply after receiving a conditional or unconditional offer, as you will not be considered unless you have one.

The deadline for applications is June 30, 2022.

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