What You Ought to Know If You Want to Live and Work in Canada as a Permanent Resident

by PEEGYN | 31, December 2021

In the event that you are keen on moving to Canada and getting every one of the advantages of a long-lasting inhabitant, this article is for you.

As a migration master, I have been getting a ton of solicitations to make a post about moving to Canada

From the outset, I didn't give a lot of consideration to this in light of the fact that there are numerous sites out there with huge loads of data regarding this matter

In any case, I suppose you all need something genuine that is coming from a trusted and experienced individual

Furthermore since I am yet to go to Canada myself, I posted nothing about the subject as of not long ago.

That is on the grounds that early last month, I at last observed somebody dependable, an individual Nigerian man who handled his whole movement to Canada without help from anyone else.

Furthermore even found a decent line of work inside about fourteen days of showing up in Canada.

In addition to that, he has likewise helped north of 80 Nigerians to move to Canada also.

I composed this article dependent on the data I got from him

With the current state of the country, I truly don't fault any Nigerian who is searching for a superior life for them as well as their family.

Truth is...Canada is an extraordinary nation and home to around 200,000 Nigerians

As a super durable inhabitant in Canada, you appreciate:

- Free quality training for your youngsters

- Free and charge medical services

In any case, to migrate to Canada, you need to sparkle your eyes well, well so you just don't squander large chunk of change attempting to handle your movement

We should begin with this...

(1) Canada's Target Is to Bring in 1 Million Immigrants Between 2020 to 2022

​​You presumably know this as of now. For 2021 alone, the Canadian specialists reported that they are inviting 310,000 individuals.

1 million individuals is a great deal however that doesn't mean each and every individual who applies will get in

To begin with, their movement programs suit individuals who are between ages 22-45

Assuming that you are more than 45, it will be hard for you to get in

Assuming that you are inside this age scope of 22-45 and you are intrigued, then, at that point, NOW is an ideal opportunity to take action

That is on the grounds that...


(2) Canada's Immigration Policies Changes From Time to Time

​This means this...

As more individuals apply and attempt to get into Canada, the arrangements get more tight

The base necessities that got individuals into Canada 2 years prior will not get you in today

That implies the best an ideal opportunity for you to begin handling your movement is today.

In the event that you stand by till a half year time, all things considered, the arrangements might have straightened out by then making it more hard for you

Another motivation behind why many individuals will not get in is...


(3) Relocating to Canada is a Big Investment Especially if You are Coming With Your Family

​This is the simple truth

Relocating to Canada isn't for everyone especially if you are struggling to put food on the table.

Don't believe anyone who says otherwise

Relocating to Canada will cost you a lot of money.

I can't give you a specific amount but here are some of the expenses involved:

​=> The permanent resident application fee alone cost $550/adult and $150/child

=> The IELTS (English test) alone cost N75,000 per person (Which your spouse will also do if you are married)

=> If you are moving with your family, well you know you will be paying for their plane tickets.

If you think getting the funds to relocate to Canada isn't a big issue for you, then the next thing you ought to know is this


​(4) The Entire Canada Immigration Program is Based On What is Called a CRS Point

Once you are able to achieve a pretty high CRS point, 80% of your job is done.

The CRS cut off point for each month is announced each month.

So, there is no constant figure for it.

For instance, on November 15, 2021, the cut off figure announced for the Canadian express entry was 449

That means people who scored a minimum of 449 were issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply)

Achieving this CRS point is the main key and it is calculated based on factors like age range, education, work experience, your use of English language etc

If you are able to achieve a high enough CRS point within the next 3 months, you could start packing your bags for Canada very soon.

Many people don't know how this works and that is why they keep throwing money at various immigration agents and wasting their money

Truth is, there is no need to waste your money on immigration agents as regards moving to Canada

What you need to do first is figure out how to get a high enough CRS point.

If you are truly interested in relocating to Canada, I think you should watch this video by Mr Victor Jegede (who now lives in Canada with his family)

The video explains what you need to get a high CRS point and successfully relocate to Canada without having to waste a lot of money.

Click the button below to watch the video.

​I wish you success as you begin to process your immigration.


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