10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners That Pay Well

10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners That Pay Well. You’re living in Canada, and if you’re lucky enough to be working, congrats! Finding a job in Canada might not be as easy as it looks for people who aren’t locals. On the other hand, if you know where to look, there are plenty of jobs in Canada that pay well and can be performed by anyone, regardless of their citizenship status. You don’t need to be a Canadian citizen to get any of these 10 high-paying jobs in Canada.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities available to those who don’t meet these requirements, so long as they don’t mind getting their hands dirty or working in less-than-desirable conditions. Here are 10 jobs in Canada for foreigners that pay well, even without work visas or other training certifications.

1) Medical Assistant

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Medical assistants handle tasks that assist doctors, such as taking and recording patient histories, lab work, monitoring vital signs and helping patients during treatment. Salary: $26,000 (Canadian), or $16.50 per hour Location: Alberta In terms of jobs in Canada that pay well and are easy to get if you’re a foreigner looking to work in Canada, being a medical assistant is near perfect.

You don’t need any special training to get started—just high school—and there are more than 70 schools across Canada offering programs accredited by The Canadian Medical Association.

As far as jobs go, medical assisting is also one of those low-stress positions where it’s likely you’ll actually enjoy going to work every day; with plenty of time spent interacting with others and helping people improve their health king in Canada is required to apply through the federal government’s skilled workers program, which requires experience and specialized training too.

2) Veterinary Assistant

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Vet assistant jobs in Canada are one of many jobs foreigners can do in Canada that pay well. Canadians, particularly those living in rural areas, love their pets and will often take them to a veterinarian if they feel something is wrong. The fact that you’re helping people out while also making a decent salary makes working as a vet assistant an excellent job for foreigners in Canada. Depending on where you work, you might also be able to get some training (or additional certifications) through your employer or at one of several vocational colleges located throughout Canada. It’s not uncommon for vet assistants to earn $35,000 annually.

3) Customer Service Representative

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Working as a customer service representative is one of 10 jobs in Canada for foreigners that pays well. Working as a CSA may be right up your alley if you have good people skills and can provide excellent customer service. It’s important to note that CSAs are not only responsible for ensuring customers receive accurate information, but also that they enjoy their experience with your company. Providing excellent customer service isn’t always easy and not everyone is cut out to work as a CSA, but if you’re looking to make good money while having fun at work, CSAs make great employees.

4) Software Engineer

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As a software engineer, you will spend most of your time working on applications (desktop or mobile) that are used by millions of people every day. It is no secret that many companies are looking to build their workforce with foreign talent; specifically developers. The work is often challenging, but very rewarding. Aside from a high-paying salary, you’ll get to work on some cutting-edge products that will allow you to learn more than you ever imagined. If you are planning to move to Canada, start thinking about how to land one of these coveted jobs.

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5) Personal Support Worker

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As a foreign worker in Canada, there are certain jobs in Canada you might not be able to get. Jobs that require licensing and documentation such as medical professionals, teaching assistants and firefighters tend to only accept candidates with a Canadian background. If you’re looking for work that pays well without many strings attached, consider becoming a personal support worker (PSW). These workers assist individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses so they can live independently. PSWs are typically required to complete an approved training program and can either work at home or go directly into facilities. You won’t need any previous experience to land a job working as a PSW; however, because of clients’ disabilities, you will need CPR certification and fluency in English or French.

6) Electronics Technician

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Electronics technicians set up, maintain and repair commercial, industrial and scientific equipment. In Canada, they are among those with one of highest average salaries—as high as $82,000 a year—working mainly on computers and telecommunications equipment. It’s not surprising given that demand is high: one industry estimate says Canada will need 24,000 new technicians by 2015. Most positions are located in Ontario and Quebec, but there are also jobs in British Columbia and Alberta.

7) Software Developer

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Software developers are some of Canada’s highest-paid foreign workers. The average salary is $88,000 USD, but salaries can be even higher in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. This job requires a college degree, so many companies will sponsor work visas for software engineers who have a proven track record. A software developer works with other professionals to build new applications and improve existing ones based on business goals and customer needs.

8) Financial Analyst

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A financial analyst works with companies to help them assess risks and make better-informed business decisions. Analysts can earn upwards of $100,000 a year. Because of Canada’s strong financial sector, there are plenty of opportunities available to foreigners—all you need is a Bachelor’s degree and some experience working in finance or accounting. One caveat: As Canada’s government has made it more difficult for employers to hire foreign workers, expect competition to be steep when applying as a foreigner. If you’re hoping to land a job as an analyst with one of Canada’s top banks or consulting firms, it may be smart to look abroad first before making any final decisions about living north of the border.

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9) Nurse Manager

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In Canada, nursing is considered one of our most rewarding jobs and there are many different jobs in Canada titles within nursing. Nurse managers, also called nurse executives or administrators, run a specific department, unit or ward in a hospital and are responsible for overseeing patient care. The top pay is estimated to be around $111,000 a year with salaries varying by location, experience and education. But don’t just take it from us: Canadian Business recently ranked one of its top careers (that offers work-life balance) as hospital administrator. For more information on how to become a nurse manager, check out our post: 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners That Pay Well

10) Mechanical Engineer

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In order to operate machinery, solve problems and optimize equipment, a mechanical engineer requires keen observation skills, strong problem-solving abilities, and a mind for numbers. This type of engineer uses engineering mathematics to build mechanical devices; they’re involved with projects like building cars, ships, and submarines. Although there are many types of engineers (chemical engineers design materials or convert raw materials into new products), it is possible to focus on industrial design or consumer product design if your interest lies in designing consumer products. This career often involves designing machines that require some human element—for example automobiles or appliances—and might require interaction with other departments such as marketing. A bachelor’s degree is required when pursuing a career as a mechanical engineer.

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