20 Heartbreaking Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy. # 17 Will Make You Cry

What happens after we say cheese? The subjects of the following photographs probably didn’t predict the answer to be a morbid plot twist. We have all seen post-tragedy photos of terrible accidents. Yet, there is something particularly ominous and haunting about photos taken before disaster.

Think smiling families, groups embarking on explorations, and daring stunt attempts, not in the least expecting to be caught in a natural disaster or a horrific plane crash. Some of these pictures appear so unassuming and cheerful that it makes what followed all the more horror story-like.

William Shakespeare famously said, “Men at some times are masters of their fate,” but as you will see in the following photos taken before disaster, this is not always the case. Scroll down below with caution to see the Bored Panda round-up of some of the most creepy images that precede unfortunate events.

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