How to Make a QR Code for a Telegram Account

Telegram users can now generate QR code for their accounts online. There’s a way to share your Telegram profile or give people access to you in a group now that version 8.4 has been released. You can also use a QR- code to invite people to join your group. Are you looking for reasons to create yours right now? With this code, you no longer need to share your phone number in order for others to contact you.

It also works in both directions. You don’t need anyone’s phone number to contact them or add them to a group if they share their QR codes with you. It’s customizable, entertaining, and secures your sensitive information.

Steps to Take Before You Can Create Your QR Codes

Unfortunately, getting your code requires that you have to set a public username.

To set your username, simply;

  • Launch the Telegram app and visit Settings
  • Tap on “Set Username”
  • Enter your preferred username and tap on “Done” located at the top right of your screen.

How to Generate a QR-Codes for Your Telegram Profile

  • Launch your Telegram app and Tap on the Settings icon located at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Confirm that you’ve set a public username
  • On the top left of your screen, tap on the QR code symbol
  • Customize your QR code with any of the preset options available
  • Tap on “Share QR Codes” and share.
  • You can also save it as an image for future distribution

Now it’s time to try generating a QR Code and share it with your network. We do hope that this article has been helpful. Share this with your friends and family who might need it.