University Of Bradford Undergraduate Architecture Students Scholarship- UK

University Of Bradford Undergraduate  Scholarship. The University of Bradford is willing to offer a new suite of architectural courses as of September 2022. With this, the university is ready to offer scholarships that will benefit the undergraduate applicants, both European and non-European (international students).

The international students that will be benefiting from the university student’s scholarship will see £7,500 deducted from their yearly tuition fees.

The European students will benefit from a cash bursary of about £2,000. It will be paid thrice in November, March, and June.

Eligible For The Students Scholarship

It is available for full-time students only.

Available to only undergraduate students,

The academic year is 2022–23.

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Eligibility guidelines for University Of Bradford Undergraduate Scholarship

Any student that is awarded the scholarship must be fully engaged with their studies and school activities.

A student must be on display through course attendance and submission of work.

The university has the right to withdraw the scholarship from any student that is not fully involved with their studies. The student can be asked to pay the student’s scholarship back to the school authorities.

The following courses are available:

Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

Architectural Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Students from all Countries who meet the guidelines are eligible

How to Apply For The Students Scholarship?

The scholarship is automatically applied, which means that all self-funding students who register for the course will be given the appropriate scholarship – there is no need to apply.

Please note that students are only eligible for one scholarship or discount, thus students who are eligible for multiple awards will be given the highest-valued reward.

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