Internship Program for African Graduates at the Standard Bank Group in 2022.

The Standard Bank Group understands that investing in bright young people like you now will help Africa have a brighter future. And the Standard Bank Group Internship program gives us the opportunity to accomplish just that. We’d love to invest in you if you want to improve your education, gain valuable work experience, and discover new methods to make your ambitions a reality with a specialist certificate.

Monthly stipend

Instead of a wage, interns are paid a monthly stipend.

This is a stipend that allows you to travel to and from a job or school. It is determined by the cost and difficulty of the program and is in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Act 9 of 2018 (NMWA).


You can choose from a variety of market-leading internships that last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. While studying for your qualification, you’ll get a monthly stipend as well as crucial coaching and mentoring.

Standard Bank Group has a 12-month, 18-month, or 24-month fixed-term contract available.

monthly stipend

Benefits and incentives for good performance.

A certification that is tailored to the abilities that are being developed as part of the program.

Workplace experience that is practical and meaningful

Coaching or mentoring

The deadline for applications is June 30th, 2022.

Apply by clicking here.

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