Top 5 Universities in Boston USA

Top 5 Universities in Boston USA. Boston is the capital and largest city of the US state of Massachusetts, the largest city in the New England region of the United States, and one of the country’s oldest cities.

Boston, founded in 1630, played an important role in the American Revolution. Boston is a tourist hotspot due to its historic significance and cultural vibrancy, but students also flock to the city due to its outstanding reputation in higher education.

Let’s list out the few top universities in Boston.

5. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is an experiential research institution that focuses on global and contemporary world issues. We are ranking the school among our top 5 universities in Boston. The school currently has 20,400 undergraduate students and 17,379 postgraduate students.

Northeastern University, ranked 49th in the United States, is one of the few Boston universities with the main campus in the city center. Northeastern is an urban university located near the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall, but it is also surrounded by trees and grassy areas. It also has a strong community focus; since 2006, students have completed over one million hours of community service.

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4. Tufts University

Tufts University is located in Somerville, Massachusetts, about five miles northwest of Boston. According to the USA Today rankings, the school is ranked joint 36th in the United States this year. Tufts has a student body of nearly 11,800 people, evenly divided between undergraduate and graduate students. Tufts university is among our top 5 universities in Boston.

The university is only a few minutes walk from the popular Davis Square, which is ideal for shoppers, foodies, and concertgoers, and it is home to Boston’s Museum of Bad Art. There is also a second Tufts campus in downtown Boston’s Chinatown, which is more centrally located. The Chinatown campus houses the health sciences programs and is located in the city’s theater, financial, and commercial districts, as well as within walking distance of the famous swan boats at Boston Public Garden.

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3. Boston University

Boston University, ranked 20th in the United States, is a private research university located in west Boston on the banks of the Charles River. Its alumni include seven Nobel Laureates, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Elie Wiesel, as well as 35 Pulitzer Prize winners and six Academy Award winners.

The university currently has over 16,900 undergraduate students and over 15,600 postgraduate students enrolled, with over 300 programs to choose from. Many of Boston University’s nearby student residences have some of the best views of the city skyline and are only a short walk from the heart of the city’s vibrant social scene.

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2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

According to the most recent USA rankings, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the third best school in the US, located on 168 acres of land in Cambridge, facing Boston across the Charles River. MIT has just over 11,500 students enrolled, with 6,990 of them being postgraduates. Admission is extremely competitive, with fewer than 10% of applications accepted each year.

MIT places a strong emphasis on science and technology, as well as innovation and leadership. MIT, despite its name and primary focus areas, covers a wide range of subjects. Its Sloan School of Management is world-renowned, and more than half of its undergraduate students take at least one arts course.

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1.Harvard University

According to the USA Rankings 2021, Harvard University is the best school in the United States. Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the oldest institute of higher learning in the United States, with a current enrollment of 23,731 students. Harvard, like MIT, is located in Cambridge, but it is close enough for students to cross the river to experience Boston’s culture and nightlife.

Despite having some of the highest tuition fees in the world, over 55% of Harvard University undergraduates receive financial aid scholarships. Amazingly, 98 percent of Harvard undergraduates choose to live on campus for all four years. This shows how immersed the Harvard experience is.

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