2022 Truck Driver Salary Texas

Heavy truck driver happy to be able to drive a truck, and making the gesture of OK, with the thumb up.

2022 Truck Driver Salary Texas. A truck driver earns his or her living by driving a truck and transporting goods and materials across the land. They typically travel to and from retail and distribution centers, as well as manufacturing plants, and work around the clock. They play an important role in industrialized societies.

Before we get into truck driver salaries in Texas, let’s take a look at the different types of truck driving jobs available.

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There are three main types of truck driving jobs:

Individuals who own the trucks they drive can either lease their trucks by contracting with a trucking company to haul freight for that company using their own trucks, or they can haul loads as self-employed independent contractors for a number of companies. Some people lease a truck from a company and make payments on it with the intention of buying it in two to five years.

Company drivers work for a single trucking company and drive trucks provided by the company.

Independent owner-operators have their own hauling authority and frequently drive their own trucks, with a small fleet of one to ten trucks, but as few as two or three.

A truck driver’s annual salary in Texas is approximately $46,960.

Truck drivers earn an annual salary of $46,960 on average.
Wages typically range between $29,950 and $70,280 per year.

Truck Driver Salary in Texas can be very high for those who are interested in working as a truck driver.

Which Texas cities offer the highest pay for truck driving jobs? Texas Truck Driver Salary

The top five paying cities in Texas are listed in the table below. Truckers in Lubbock, Texas, earn 4.3 percent more than those in the rest of Texas.

Lubbock, TX $1,573 $81,788
Midland, TX $1,565 $81,382
Odessa, TX $1,565 $81,382
Amarillo, TX $1,565 $81,381
Abilene, TX $1,565 $81,369
San Angelo, TX $1,562 $81,242
Alpine, TX $1,554 $80,786
Wichita Falls, TX $1,552 $80,716
El Paso, TX $1,549 $80,556
Weatherford, TX $1,547 $80,445
Waco, TX $1,546 $80,416
Laredo, TX $1,542 $80,198
Truck Driver Salary Texas Comparison by Years of Experience

The level of experience is the most important factor in determining salary. Naturally, the higher your salary, the more years of experience you have. This is what we discovered after categorizing truck driver salaries based on experience level.

A truck driver with less than two years of experience can expect a yearly salary of around $22,300 USD.

Someone with two to five years of experience will earn 28,200 USD per year, which is 26% more than someone with less than two years of experience.

In the future, someone with five to ten years of experience earns 37,100 USD per year, 32% more than someone with two to five years of experience.

Furthermore, truck drivers with ten to fifteen years of experience earn $43,700 USD per year, an increase of 18% over those with five to ten years of experience.

You can expect to earn 48,300 USD per year if you have fifteen to twenty years of experience, which is 11% more than someone with ten to fifteen years of experience.

Finally, professionals with more than twenty years of experience earn $51,400 USD per year, which is 6% more than those with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

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