University Of Oxford Fully Funded Scholarship

The University Of Oxford Fully Funded Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for all international students around the world. The scholarship is only open to master’s and Ph.D. students for about £15,144 per year.

What the Fully Funded Scholarship Covers

The Rhodes Scholarship covers a living stipend of £15,144 per year.

It covers all university and college fees.

It covers one economy airfare to Oxford at the beginning of the scholarship and also covers one economy flight back to the student’s home country at the end of the scholarship.

It covers the University application fee

Eligibility Guidelines For The Rhodes Scholarship

A candidate must fulfill all the following requirements below to be considered qualified for the Rhodes scholarship.

Each candidate must check out and fulfill the citizenship and residency requirements of the Rhodes constituency. Check out the eligible countries here.

All candidates must have completed an honors bachelor’s degree by the month of October. You must also obtain a good grade from school to be able to get admission to the University of Oxford, which has very competitive entry requirements.

You are expected to have a GPA of at least 3.75/4.0 or equivalent.

You must be between the age of 18 to a maximum of 28 by October 1st of the year 2022. In most constituencies, the age limit is 24 or 25. Please check carefully the specific age requirements for your constituency before applying. A successful candidate can’t defer the scholarship

The official Language is English

What is the procedure for applying for a Rhodes Fully Funded Scholarship?

To apply for a Rhodes Scholarship, please follow the steps below in order:

Documents Required

The following materials, in various versions, will be required by all constituencies:

Curriculum vitae/resumé or list of significant accomplishments(In order to be considered for this scholarship, please do not include an image in your CV.)

Proof of an undergraduate degree and any postgraduate studies (completed or in progress).

An essay or a personal statement (including, crucially, a clear statement of what the applicant wishes to study at Oxford and why)

have a command of the English language (where English is not the first language). Here’s where you may find the prerequisites.

birth certificate, passport, or proof of age.

A Photograph

Four letters of recommendation from appraisers who can vouch for the applicant’s character and intellect, including academic, personal, extracurricular, and leadership accomplishments, in confidential references (and who should never include people to whom you are related).

The Application Process Step by Step:

(1) Submit an online scholarship application at

 (2) Your application must be submitted electronically by the deadline, together with all supporting documentation.

(3) Read the general information on the Rhodes website, notably the Scholarships tab, the Rhodes Conditions of Tenure, the information in this document, and the University of Oxford’s graduate applications pages: in preparation for making your application.

(4) Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to a social event as well as a final interview. Because no modifications can be made to the date, time, or method of these activities, you must be able to attend both in person. Without a meeting, no candidate will be chosen. The Rhodes Trust will cover travel expenses, which will include the cost of a round-trip first-class train ticket but not lodging costs. It is not possible to support international travel for people attending from other countries.

(5) The outcome of each applicant’s application will be emailed to them.

The procedure for selection

The Rhodes Fully Funded Scholarship is awarded to students regardless of their financial situation.

The Rhodes Scholarship is awarded regardless of marital status, race, ethnic origin, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, disability, caste, or any other irrelevant factor. It is optional to provide this information in the ‘Outreach’ section of the application form, but it helps us ensure that our selection processes are fair and that our outreach efforts are effective; those involved in selection will only see summary statistics of these responses in an anonymized format that cannot be traced back to the individual.

You’re applying for a Rhodes Fully Funded Scholarship to attend the University of Oxford in October 2021; you won’t be able to defer your acceptance.

Only after acceptance to the University of Oxford does the Rhodes Fully Funded Scholarship become official.

If a qualifying candidate cannot be found, no selection will be made.

The Selection Committee makes the final choice.

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Selection Procedure:

Please keep in mind that eligible applicants must apply to Oxford University as soon as possible after being chosen. When you’re chosen, you’ll get all the specifics.

Successful candidates’ complete applications will be available to Rhodes House, Oxford, where the Fully Funded scholarship references can be re-used, if suitable, in support of the successful candidate’s subsequent application to the University of Oxford.

Successful candidates will be urged to share any medical conditions or special needs that may necessitate academic or personal assistance in Oxford in confidence. This information is provided voluntarily in order for Rhodes House to give appropriate support in Oxford and to facilitate a seamless transfer to Oxford.

Visit the following websites to learn more about the Rhodes Scholarship: Official Website

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