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How Can I Lock Apps On My iPhone You may find yourself in situations where you must give them to others to use. In this case, it’s critical that you have control over what a third-party user can access on your iPhone. The ability to lock specific apps on your iPhone so that others cannot access them even if they have access to your iPhone is an important feature.

You should be aware that Apple does not provide a simple way to lock apps. Not yet, at any rate. However, if you’re using iOS 12 or later, you can use the Screen Time feature to accomplish the same thing.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of successfully locking specific apps on your iPhone and preventing third-party access to them. Take a look around.

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Lock Apps on Your iPhone

Follow the steps below to lock certain apps you choose on your iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Screen Time.
screen time
  • Make sure that Screen Time is on, then select Use Screen Time Passcode.
screen time passcode ios
  • Set a passcode by adding a 4-digit code only you have access to. Re-enter the passcode to confirm.
screen time passcode ios
  • Enter your Apple ID and password so if you forget your screen time passcode, you can use it to reset. Tap Ok.
screen time passcode recovery ios
  • After setting your passcode, select App Limits.
lock apps iPhone
  • Choose Add Limit to add an app you want to lock. Enter your screen time passcode.
lock apps iPhone
  • Tap an app category to show the apps in that category.
lock apps iPhone
  • Then select the app you want to lock and click on Next.
lock apps iPhone
  • Set the time to be 1 minute and leave the Block at End of Limit toggle on. Tap on Add.
lock apps iPhone
  • That particular app can only be used for 1 minute daily, after which it will require the screen time passcode you set to use.

That’s about how to lock apps on your iPhone. When you do this, anyone that tries to open the app will need the screen time passcode. So make sure to only keep it to yourself. You should note that you cannot lock the Phone app as it doesn’t show up on the list of apps to set a limit for.

Let us know if this process was helpful to restrict app access pending when we finally get a feature from Apple to do this easily.

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