Tuition for Syracuse University 2022

Syracuse University tuition in 2022. Syracuse University, which operates as a private institution, was founded in 1870. It is in the heart of the city, has a total undergraduate enrollment of 14,479 students (for the fall of 2020), and a campus that spans 721 acres. It adheres to an academic calendar divided into semesters. Syracuse University is ranked 59th overall in the national universities section of Best Colleges 2022. Tuition and fees total $57,591 in total.

Syracuse University has one of the most powerful color associations of any school. The color orange is strongly associated with campus culture, as evidenced by student media outlets such as The Daily Orange, a newspaper run entirely by students, and CitrusTV, a television studio. The school mascot, Otto the Orange, cheers on the school’s athletic teams as they compete in the NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference as the Orange. These teams are simply known as the Orange. The Carrier Dome is famous for being the only dome-covered stadium in the Northeast, and it is where the football team plays its home games.

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Cost of Attendance for the Years 2022-23(Tuition for Syracuse University)

Our Board of Trustees gathers in March, just before the start of the new school year, to discuss and vote on the costs that will be incurred for the following academic year. This takes place before the new school year begins. At this point, none of the costs associated with the academic year that will follow have been finalized; rather, they are merely projections, and there is a possibility that they will undergo significant change before this clearance is granted.

Cost of Attendance for the Academic Year 2022-2023
Costs that are directly billable
  • Tuition of $32,436
  • Fees: $922
  • Total $33,358
Average Other Indirect Costs
  • Housing $11,136
  • Meals $4,220
  • Books and materials $1,033
  • $2,244 in personal expenses
  • Transportation $1,630
  • The loan fee is $217.
  • Total $20,480
  • Subtotal (without including health insurance): $53,838
  • Health insurance costs $2,347***
  • The total attendance fee is $56,185.

The total number of undergraduate students attending Syracuse University is expected to reach 14,479 by the start of the following school year (fall 2020). The following is a breakdown of these students according to their gender: 46% of male students and 54% of female students were enrolled in the course. At this specific educational establishment, 53% of the student body resides in housing that is owned, operated, or connected to the college in some way, while 47% of the student body resides off campus. Syracuse University is a member of Division I of the NCAA, which is the highest level of competition in the world of collegiate athletics.

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